About Gözde International Hospitals

As Gözde Group, we bring an innovative perspective to the healthcare sector by combining the experience we have gained on our healthcare journey started in 1996 with the technology of the future. With our 3 hospitals and 1 surgical medicine center within the Gözde Group, we continue our work with the aim of providing reliable and international standards of healthcare with forward-looking practices. As Gözde Healthcare Group, we provide quality healthcare by combining advanced diagnostic and treatment methods with our experienced surgeons and professional healthcare team. With our hospitals in the heart of Turkey, we continue our efforts to go one step further every day. With the successful line we have achieved in different areas such as health, structure, gastronomy and pharmaceutical production, we continue our journey with joy and with the aim of offering you a better, healthier and more comfortable life. We genuinely care about all of our patients and strive to make quality healthcare accessible to all.

Our Mission

Health is a state of individual and social well-being with its physical, mental and psychological dimensions of health. Our goal is to create a personalized experience for each of our patients, with the understanding that every individual has the right to receive quality, kind, respectful, transparent and equitable healthcare services. With the principle of providing high quality and modern healthcare, we keep improving every day to achieve the perfect patient experience. We believe in the richness of cultures, races, genders and talents. We care about diversity in all our institutions.

Our Vision

As Gözde International Hospitals, we provide quality healthcare with the support of advanced technology in various fields such as Bariatric Surgery, Aesthetics, Urology, Orthopedics, Gynaecology, Neurosurgery and Hair Transplantation. Our goal is to bring an innovative perspective to healthcare by examining all elements of healthcare separately. We continue to work with our highly motivated team who work tirelessly to meet the high standards you require and are driven by diversity.

Our Patients

Success rate above world standards with the most experienced doctors and medical teams
High-tech and advanced medical services
A-plus luxury hospital comfort

Why Us

Gözde Healthcare Group, which has always made a difference in healthcare with its professional approach and up-to-date diagnostic and treatment methods, is a strong healthcare group that is still active today with a total of 3 hospitals and 1 surgical medical Centre.

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