The first investment of Gözde Healthcare Group, founded by Op.Dr. Kenan KALI in 1998, started in Malatya and continues its hospital investments in the cities of Adıyaman, Izmir and Kuşadası. In addition, she also has various healthcare investments such as; a medical center, medical imaging center, and dialysis center in Konya, Bolu and Adıyaman. Gözde Hospitals, which have always made a difference in healthcare with its professional approach and up-to-date diagnostic and treatment methods, is a strong healthcare group that is still active today with a total of 7 hospitals and 1 surgical medical center.

Gözde Healthcare Group, which will continue its investments in healthcare to serve more people, has adopted the principle of contributing to the development of medicine with up-to-date, preventive and curative healthcare services, each with its specialist doctors and healthcare professionals, without compromising the medical-ethical values with its total quality knowledge.

● Özel Sağlık Hospital - Izmir
● Gözde Hospital - Kuşadası
● Gözde Hospital - Izmir
● Gözde Hospital - Malatya
● Gözde University Hospital - Malatya
● Gözde Kışla Hospital - Malatya
● Gözde Anamed Surgical Medical Center - Malatya
● Gözde Hospital - Adıyaman

Gözde Healthcare Group, which believes that proper healthcare services are the cornerstone of a healthy society, states that every individual is entitled to quality, friendly, respectful, transparent and equal health services. Gözde Healthcare Group will continue to provide this quality and form of care under the motto; "Your most valuable asset is your health".

Health Tourism
We proudly serve the whole World our healthcare!

TTurkey, with its specialist doctors and hospitals across the country, is one of the world's leading medical centers. Gözde Hospitals provides high-quality healthcare to both Turkish and international patients from abroad.

Services that the Gözde Health Group offers its patients;
- Pre and post surgery examinations, health advice through a health advisor and nursing services
- Airport and hospital transport
- Accommodation in a private apartments in MyVia Apartments
- Car rental at the request of the patient





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