Throughout our hospitals, the health and comfort of our patients are always our top priority. During the treatment process, we offer a high level of service for our patients in terms of both treatment and examination methods as well as for the post-treatment process.

In addition to the treatments, we offer many different additional services to our patients to allow for a comfortable experience. The additional services we provide to our patients are as follows:

Translation services in 9 different languages

Interpreters who speak languages ​​such as English, Dutch, French, Arabic, Swedish, German and Spanish at a native level accompany the patients on request, and provide language support during the treatment and procedure process

Local and intercity transfers

Private VIP vehicles and drivers are provided for transfers between the airport, hotel and hospital

Accommodation arrangements

4-5 star hotel or private apartment accommodation arrangement and planning service

Travel arrangements

Arrangement and planning service for travel by either plane or private vehicle is provided per request

Provision of treatment-related medical equipment and medical care products

Depending on the treatment or procedure, the supply of products such as medicines, special medical equipment and special care products can be provided.

Lifelong online support service

A lifelong online support service is provided, by our international patient consultants, for the treatment or the procedure received

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