Breast Augmentation

The reason for breast augmentation usually arises from aesthetic concerns. Breast augmentation is very common, especially in patients with breast sizes that are incompatible with their body measurements. Breast tissue may be congenitally small, in some cases, breast loss may occur later, and in both cases, the desired appearance can be obtained with breast augmentation.

While preparing for the breast augmentation operation, a preliminary study should be made about how the breast will look after the operation. At this point, a natural looking and aesthetic form is a priority. Silicone materials to be used are selected accordingly. After the preparation phase, the surgical process starts with general anesthesia.

In breast augmentation, prosthesis is placed into the breast tissue with an incision made from the nipple, under the breast or armpit area. Sutures are removed and the surgical process is completed. Breast augmentation surgery returns to daily life within 2 weeks, but it is necessary to protect the breast area carefully for 3 months. A clear appearance will be achieved with full recovery within 1 month.






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