Butt Aesthetics

Butt aesthetics, that is, hip aesthetics, are surgical operations performed within the scope of Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. More than one application can be performed in butt aesthetics, but the most common butt aesthetic applications are butt lift. However, butt aesthetics can be considered as butt shaping in general.

Butt aesthetics has become one of the most common aesthetic applications, especially due to the fashion and beauty trends emerging in the world. Butt aesthetics has become a surgical aesthetic application that is applied even in youth years, directly over aesthetic concerns, as it is performed on deformations and sags that occur over time. The buttocks area is an aesthetically remarkable area and due to this situation, the demand for butt aesthetic applications has increased as much.

Butt aesthetic applications are successfully applied to both female and male patients. Although there is a demand for butt lift procedure in general, a shaping takes place in the entire butt area within the scope of butt aesthetics. In butt aesthetics, butt volume can be enlarged and the existing butt can be lifted. The butt line can be curved and a shaped butt can be created.

Deformation may occur in the butt area over time, with the effect of aging. When the butt muscles relax, the tissues surrounding them relax. Downward sagging occurs in the butt tissue, especially with the loosening in the adipose tissue. At the end of this sagging, the loosening action of the butt tissue, which occurs with gravity and aging, gets worse day by day. The buttocks of the patients who encounter this situation are reshaped and a young and lively image is obtained again. Butt lift operation has become the most common application in butt aesthetics.

What Should Be Considered During The Preparation Period For Butt Aesthetics Surgery?

The preparation period is of great importance in butt aesthetics because it is decided how the butt will be shaped during this period. For this, research is done on the existing butt first. The condition of the muscle and adipose tissues, the extent of the relaxation are examined and the procedures and techniques to be used are clarified in this context. Since there are more than one technique in butt aesthetics, it is decided at this preparation stage which technique will be compatible with the patient.

Since general anesthesia is preferred in butt aesthetic surgery, it is necessary to stop food consumption at the specified time of the previous night with the direction of the doctor. In addition, if there are medications used regularly, these medications may need to be stopped for a while under the doctor's control. Quitting bad habits such as smoking for a while before butt aesthetics is beneficial for the surgical process because smoking slows down cell regeneration and healing. Additional measures specific to the patient may be requested by the doctor.

How is Butt Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

Which procedure to follow in butt aesthetics is clarified according to the preparatory period studies. Of course, what is the process to be done here is also very important. The person's own fat tissue is mostly used in butt aesthetics. The person's own fat is taken and integrated into the determined point in the butt area like filling material. In addition, it is very common to use butt prostheses in butt aesthetics.

After the surgical process is completed, incisions are made from the folded area on the buttocks in order to avoid a cosmetically bad appearance. With this incision, the materials determined as filling material are integrated into the determined points. The shape of the filling material can be organized in such a way that the person desires. It is possible to use laser liposuction technique in butt lift applications.

What Should Be Considered After Butt Aesthetics?

Butt aesthetic operation results in 1-2 hours. Edema, swelling, numbness and pain in the application area are the most common complaints, but they disappear over time. It can return to daily life within 2 weeks, but it is necessary to wait 1-2 months for a full view.






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