Type 2 Diabetes Surgery

Type 2 diabetes surgery is mostly used in patients with overweight and diabetes simultaneously. It can be summarized as reducing the stomach with a surgical operation. In this way, improvement can occur for both diseases. Diabetes, as known to the public, can be eliminated within the scope of diabetes type 2 diabetes surgery applications. If the patient supports lifestyle changes, problems such as overweight, obesity, or morbid obesity will also regress. Thus, patients can continue their lives in a completely healthy way.

Type 2 diabetes disease occurs with many different symptoms, but it is generally seen in overweight people. Different treatment practices can be applied before type 2 diabetes surgery, but if these treatments are not responded to, the process can continue with surgical options. Although type 2 diabetes surgery applications are performed with different methods, today closed, i.e. laparoscopic applications are used more frequently.

Type 2 Diabetes and Overweight Problems

Type 2 diabetes, popularly known as diabetes, is a disease caused by insulin resistance and imbalances in insulin secretion. It is mostly seen in people with overweight problems. The risk of occurrence is higher, especially in unhealthy eating habits and a life model away from exercise. It is also known that it develops through genetic factors.

In type 2 diabetes, some symptoms that make diabetes suspect are seen. They need to overeat or, on the contrary, loss of appetite, excessive water consumption, frequent urination, rapid fatigue and fatigue, increased number of urine at night, itching, and blurred vision are among these symptoms.

In the treatment of type 2 diabetes, the priority is to improve with lifestyle changes. Accordingly, the diet program and regular exercise processes begin. Of course, drug-assisted treatment is continued during this period. However, if there is no response to these treatment practices, type 2 diabetes surgery can be applied. However, in any case, the patient's lifestyle changes will be the biggest factor in the healing process.

Type 2 Diabetes Surgery Application

The purpose of type 2 diabetes surgery is to reduce the stomach of the patient with type 2 diabetes and overweight problems. Thus, insulin imbalance will be prevented, and the body will produce enough insulin to be self-sufficient. At the same time, patients can also get rid of overweight problems as there will be a reduction in stomach volume with this tube stomach surgery. To eliminate type 2 diabetes, patients must make changes to their lifestyle.

After the preparation process in type 2 diabetes surgery, part of the stomach is surgically removed. Type 2 diabetes surgical operations performed under general anesthesia involve serious processes. Therefore, the operation must be prepared carefully. In this context, various examinations are applied by many branches in a multidisciplinary way, and a perfect treatment plan is created for the patient. This treatment process also includes the postoperative period. For the operation itself, the patient may be asked to lose weight in some cases. In some cases, it may be requested to stop the current medications for surgery, and preoperative medication may be used. Patients should stop consuming solid-liquid food from the previous day. In type 2 diabetes surgery, the stomach is reduced, and the operation process is completed.

After Type 2 Diabetes Surgery

After type 2 diabetes surgery, diabetes problem disappears in almost all patients. The body can produce the insulin it needs as much as it needs, and no additional insulin therapy is required. Thus, the quality of life in patients increases considerably. The process is successful when patients prefer a healthy lifestyle and gain nutritional and sports habits.






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