Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most preferred surgical operations for patients struggling with overweight problems. It is performed by tube stomach surgery, which is the reduction of the stomach and taking the form of a tube. The reduction of the stomach in the form of a tube provides more food consumption and a feeling of rapid saturation, and there is no harm to the continuity of the existing body systems.

Problems with overweight can be out of control at some point. Obesity and overweight problems reaching the level of morbid obesity bring many different diseases with it, and the quality of life of patients dramatically decreases. It is known that patients are faced with various negative problems, both psychologically and socially, in which it is tough to perform daily activities. During this period, there may be no response to various treatment applications, and sleeve gastrectomy may be a last resort.

Before sleeve gastrectomy, it is necessary to go through various diagnostic processes and perform many analyzes. It is necessary to plan the operation process based on these analyzes and to phase out the postoperative period in light of this information. Sleeve gastrectomy is performed successfully within the scope of both laparoscopic and robotic surgical methods. Although there are different surgical methods, this is the most successful and safe way in sleeve gastrectomy.

Overweight Problems and Obesity

Overweight problems are a problem in the vast majority of today's society. It does not pose serious dangers as it is only at an overweight level in many people. However, unhealthy body values that rise over time turn this overweight problem into obesity and ultimately morbid obesity. This situation creates very unhealthy results. Body fat rate rises to very high levels, and a very healthy point is reached according to the body mass index. In this situation where body functions cannot be successfully maintained, many different diseases will inevitably emerge, and life expectancy will decrease, just like the quality of life.

In overweight problems, treatment can be planned with diet, exercise, and some medical supports. However, in advanced cases, patients may not respond to these treatment practices or may not find sufficient motivation. By planning a healthy treatment process, both motivations for the patient and preparation for sleeve gastrectomy can be applied.

How is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Performed?

Before performing sleeve gastrectomy, it is necessary to approach the process in a multidisciplinary way. Before the surgery to be performed within the scope of general surgery, many branches carry out research, and the most appropriate surgical conditions for the patient's health are created. In this context, a series of examinations are performed by many branches, and all details of the patient are analyzed, and the treatment period is carefully planned as a result of these analyzes.

You will be given medications that you should use by your doctor before sleeve gastrectomy. You should use medicines that also have blood-thinning properties and be ready for surgery. Among the medications given, there may be medicines used to cleanse the bowel. It is also necessary to stop consuming food and liquid from the evening before the operation, before the sleeve gastrectomy operation.

What Should Be Considered After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

It is necessary to understand that sleeve gastrectomy is not an end to overweight problems but a beginning. Preparing for the process is very important in terms of what the patient will experience in the postoperative period. Because tube stomach surgery does not allow you to get rid of excess weight at a time; instead, it helps to lose weight over time. Therefore, patients should first spend time in the postoperative period for recovery and do activities that support the surgery.

Since less food will be eaten with tube stomach surgery, it is essential to choose the right food with high nutritional value. It is possible to lose weight healthily by acting within the framework of the nutrition plan created. Depending on recovery and weight loss, including various exercises, provides a healthier weight loss process.






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