Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a procedure generally applied to cope with hair loss or hair problem. Hair loss may be due to different reasons in each person, but generally the causes of hair loss are; genetic factors, hormonal changes, aging, stress and malnutrition. Hair transplantation procedure; It is the removal of healthy hair nutrition and the prevention of baldness or the transplantation of the area where the hair is thinned. It is a natural and permanent method of breaking healthy hair follicles during the procedure. in the scope of; It tracks a person's own hair information and includes hairline, hair density and care information. It is planned and implemented completely individually.

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    What is the FUE method in hair transplantation?
    It is a brief expression of the term “Follicular Unite Extraction”. It is a method in which follicular units are removed one by one with personalized microsurgical tools from the nape and above the ear area, which are resistant to hair loss, without any traces of cutting or stitching, and are transplanted to the balding areas on the same day. Depending on the patient's request, it can be performed with local anesthesia or sedation without feeling any pain. Since the hair follicles are removed one by one and with personalized microsurgical tools, healing will be completed 2-3 days after the operation and there will be no scar. Since hair follicles are collected homogeneously and proportionally, the donor area can be reused. After the operation, a second or third session of hair transplantation can be performed using the same method, depending on the patient's wishes and needs. Since the FUE method is a minor surgical procedure, it carries the same risks as a simple dental treatment. It is important to perform it in a hospital environment due to risks such as infection or necrosis.
    Healing process after hair transplantation
    Rest is recommended for the first 2 days after the procedure. After 2 days, patients come to the hospital for the first washing and dressing. On the second day, the bandages are removed and the first wash is performed. It becomes clear that the hair has been transplanted within a period of 7-10 days. After 10 days, with the last wash, the symptoms of hair transplantation will completely disappear. Then the hair is waited to grow.
    To whom can hair transplantation be applied?
    People who have completed their physical development, do not have any physiological diseases, have a sufficient number of hair follicles in the donor area and have a structure suitable for hair transplantation, and have suitable space in the area to be transplanted are suitable candidates for hair transplantation. Today, almost 50 percent of men over the age of 50 face the problem of hair loss. That's why hair transplantation is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery for men. Hair loss is not a condition specific to men only; many women may also experience hair loss or thinning problems.
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