Hand and Elbow Surgery

Hand and elbow surgery includes the surgical applications used in the treatment of orthopedic problems occurring in the hand and elbow areas, which are highly complex areas. Hand and elbow can be affected by many problems and can have functional problems. It is possible to improve hand and elbow problems thanks to the surgical applications performed in the context of orthopedics and traumatology.

Regional characteristics of the hand and elbow and what are the problems in this region?

The hand and elbow areas are made up of many bones. There are many different muscle groups surrounding these interconnected bone groups. The neural networks emanating from the brain are also intensely within reach. Hand and elbow, a very complex part of cartilage and connective tissue, is an area where many functions are performed.

Hand, wrist and elbows can be described as the three main points of the arms. The arms connecting the shoulder joint to the body have different mobility due to these three points. Many actions such as holding, lifting, pulling and pushing take place thanks to the musculoskeletal functions in the hand and elbow parts. This means that the elements in the hand and elbow area have a major impact on most of the movements we perform in our daily life.

Hands and elbows can be damaged by many factors. Problems that develop in the hand and elbow area can occur over time as a result of old age, as well as sudden strokes, trauma, unfavorable movements, and accidents. The biggest cause of hand and elbow problems is arthritis and arthritis.

In addition to the problems caused by trauma in the hand and elbow area, it is possible to see various conditions due to deformities that occur over time. People who work at desks or any workgroups who constantly repeat a similar movement are more likely to have hand and elbow disease.

Hand and elbow surgery focuses on the treatment of musculoskeletal elements, tendons and neural networks in the hand and elbow area. The rheumatoid arthritis problem can cause serious damage in this area, especially joints. In addition, damage to the nerves leads to unwanted negative results throughout the hand and elbow area. Nerve compression sickness is a good example of this. When nerve problems arise, many problems arise such as numbness, numbness and loss of function. The same goes for tendon problems. If severe nerve and tendon problems occur, nerve and tendon transplantation may be a necessity for hand and elbow surgery. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated in the context of hand and elbow surgery as another serious disease.

Other Common Hand Related Problems:

Hand and finger break
Tendon, nerve and vascular injuries
Fractures at the hand and finger level
Nail injuries
Congenital hand problems
Nerve entrapment
Hand tumors
Dupuytren's contracture
Other common problems related to the elbow:
Fractures at the level of the elbow joint
Ligament injury around the elbow joint
Dislocation of the elbow
Simultaneous fractures and ligament injuries in the elbow

Diagnosis and treatment of hand and elbow surgery

Clear diagnostic procedures should be established before hand and elbow surgery. Thus, surgical process planning can be done in a healthier way. Various imaging methods are used at this point in addition to physical examination.

Preparation for surgery may be required prior to hand and elbow surgery. In the light of the individually collected information, a special operation plan is made and the surgical process is prepared. With the anesthesia applications, the surgical process begins and the surgery is completed by conducting the necessary treatment studies due to the existing disease. Hand and elbow surgery can be performed with laparoscopic or robotic surgical facilities. In some cases, the use of open surgery can also be compromised. Closed operations have many beneficial properties compared to traditional methods. After surgery, activities such as clearing the area of ​​application or applying ice can be performed. When recovery is achieved after surgery, the treatment process continues with physiotherapy and rehabilitation studies.






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