HIFU (Non-Surgical Prostate Cancer Treatment)

HIFU non-surgical prostate cancer treatment is one of the most successful procedures for prostate cancer that is one of the most common cancer diseases today. Prostate cancer, which is at the top of the cancer types in male patients, may cause dangerous results in advanced stages if not treated. Within the scope of general cancer treatment, treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgical methods are possible. However, it can be treated without surgery with the HIFU method, producing alternative and successful results.

Prostate cancer brings a serious quality of life problems in advanced stages as well as the risk of death. For this reason, early diagnosis is very important, as in every cancer disease. Cancer, which occurs due to cell anomalies developing on the prostate, can progress silently in this area and may not show itself for a long time. The excess of cells formed by newly arrived cells and cells that do not die due to the anomaly may accumulate and combine to form cancerous tissues.

General cancer treatment practices in prostate cancer can bring many side effects. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are two examples of this. At the same time, although surgical procedures are performed through laparoscopic methods and robotic surgery, surgery may always have some risks and side effects. At this point, HIFU treatment, known as High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, reveals very successful results in the treatment of prostate cancer with non-surgical methods. Features offer the possibility of recovery without reducing the quality of life and causing various side effects by providing the possibility of non-surgical treatment in prostate cancer, a type of cancer that occurs in elderly patients.

Prostate Cancer Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnostic Process

Genetic factors have a great effect on prostate cancer, as in almost every cancer disease. If there is a family history of prostate cancer, it is recommended that other male members of the family perform screenings for prostate cancer. At the same time, bad habits such as smoking and overweight, which damage cell regeneration, may play a triggering role in prostate cancer. Of course, the biggest cause of prostate cancer is old age.

Prostate cancer is a cancer disease that progresses silently and does not show itself in the early stages. Therefore, it gives a few symptoms and may not be diagnosed. In prostate cancer, some problems arising during urination can be observed due to the effect on the urinary canals and bladder. Symptoms such as urinary difficulty and bleeding may indicate prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is detected by imaging methods with suspicion arising from cancer screenings or examinations. Then, the treatment process begins for cancerous tissues whose characteristic structure is examined with biopsy applications.

What is HIFU Non-Surgical Prostate Cancer Treatment?

In treating prostate cancer without HIFU surgery, it is possible to remove cancerous tissues with non-surgical methods. The HIFU procedure, which is applied by protecting healthy tissues without damaging the whole prostate, focuses only on the elimination of cancerous tissues. Thus, it is an application that makes a difference with its low side effects and fast recovery time. Protecting surrounding tissues and destroying cancerous tissues does not cause problems such as sexual dysfunction or urinary incontinence, making the HIFU method preferred. The HIFU system is a unique and successful device found in some hospitals.

How is HIFU Non-Surgical Prostate Cancer Treatment Applied?

HIFU application can be performed with light sedation. Without using incisions, the cancerous area can be reached directly with the probe sent through the anus. The working mechanism of the HIFU device is based on sending powerful ultrasound waves to cancerous tissues. In this way, cancerous tissues are destroyed, and the process is completed. Non-surgical prostate cancer treatment with HIFU can be completed within a few hours.






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