Liposuction, a fat removal operation, can be described as a surgery to remove excess fat from the body, which is applied within the scope of aesthetic surgery. Overweight problems can occur in almost everyone who does not follow a regular and balanced diet, regular exercise and weight control. Excess weight problems also arise as an increase in the fat ratio in the body. Within the scope of liposuction application, excess fat tissues can be detected in the body and these fat tissues can be taken out locally. With liposuction application, it is possible to use different techniques such as vacuum or injection while removing the fat. It is possible to remove fat by liposuction from many areas such as chest, hips, arms and neck, including other abdomen, belly area. Liposuction method is an aesthetic surgery application that is applied successfully in both women and men.

Liposuction Surgery Preparation Period What Should Be Considered?

Liposuction surgey is one of the serious plastic surgery operations that should not be taken lightly. It contains a process that must be managed very precisely. The preparation phase has a great value in this process because body analyzes are performed during the preparation period and the areas to be intervened are clearly determined. In the preparation period, body analyzes are also put on the table in line with the needs and desires of the patient and it is planned how much and from which region the fat should be removed. Of course, the best way in terms of health should be preferred here. At the same time, it is necessary to act within the framework of the most natural and aesthetic appearance for the patient after the operation is over. Before the operation, the application area is clearly determined and what to do at which point is completely clarified with pencil lines.

Liposuction surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, but if the fat to be removed is too little and the application area is too small, the application of sedative sedation can be accompanied by local anesthesia. Again, depending on the size of the application area, the operation time can be extended from 1 hour to 4 hours. Food consumption should be stopped at the time determined by the doctor the night before the liposuction plastic surgery application. In this process, it is recommended to quit bad habits such as smoking because this will directly increase the speed of recovery. It may also be decided to stop some drugs for a while under the supervision of a doctor. It is possible to take different precautions specific to the person.

How is Liposuction Surgery Performed?

Liposuction surgery can be roughly explained as the collection of fat from the incisions made in a tube by vacuum or injection techniques. The previously determined excess adipose tissue is targeted. When applying liposuction, the sensitive point is that the surrounding tissues and nerves are not damaged while the fat tissue is removed. Classical liposuction or vaser liposuction applications start with giving liquid inside and the fat tissues are separated from the surrounding tissues with the effect of this liquid. In classical liposuction application, while the operator doctor takes out the fat tissues, in vaser application, the fat tissues are separated from the surrounding tissues by themselves. Later, the aspirated fat tissues are collected outside. The bodyjet method is preferred if shaping at a different part of the body with the fat taken from the body. In this method, pressurized water is used to separate oils from where they are located.

What Should Be Considered After Liposuction Operation?

In liposuction application, hospitalization is required, especially in patients who are operated under general anesthesia. Edema, swelling, numbness and painful complaints are seen in the application area after surgery. These effects are the usual effects of surgery and will disappear over time. Depending on the size of the fat removal process, it is possible to return to daily life within 1-2 weeks, but the application area must be protected delicately. Full recovery is achieved within 1 month and clear images appear gradually from the end of the first month. Liposuction should not be considered as a weight loss application alone. Regardless of healthy and balanced nutrition and sports activities, liposuction should be considered as an operation that saves the day. The results obtained with lifestyle changes after surgery can be made permanent.






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