Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)

Nasal aesthetics, also known as Rhinoplasty, Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, is to improve the problems that occur in the nose. Problems that arise in the nose may be aesthetically based or may be aimed at correcting harmful situations other than health. It is possible to get rid of two problems with rhinoplasty operation, whether it is over aesthetic concerns or health. Interventions that will fulfill the function of the nose can be performed and the shape can be corrected as desired.

What are nose aesthetic cracks?

here are two main reasons for nasal aesthetic applications. The main motivation products for patients to have nasal aesthetics are aesthetic problems. Aesthetic problems may include deformities in the nose, bony prominent structures, and asymmetrical images. The nose is in great harmony with the other parts of the face in the middle of our face. For this reason, if there are such problems in the nose, an aesthetically undesirable appearance may occur. The problem experienced by patients who have had a rhinoplasty operation based on aesthetic concerns may be the problem they experience later. It is possible to obtain an aesthetic appearance with Rhinoplasty in all subsequent situations. It can look aesthetic on the nose and look natural and aesthetic for the face. Thus, it creates an aesthetically beautiful image that harmonizes with the other parts of the face. Thus, the whole face and facial expression becomes more aesthetic.

The second reason in nose aesthetics is health problems. The breathing function is carried out in the nose and the formations such as bone that will close the channels in the nose prevent the breathing function. Thus, patients cannot breathe at their full potential and breathe through the mouth. Since some patients with this kind of health problem in the nose have encountered this situation since childhood, they are now used to this low-efficiency breathing action and are almost reborn after Rhinoplasty. Obstacles to breathing can have serious effects on daily life. Most importantly, this problem, which reduces sleep quality, prevents healthy sleep and many diseases occur as a result of poor quality sleep. Therefore, patients who have health problems are recommended to regain their health with Rhinoplasty, ie nasal aesthetics.

Preparation Before Nose Aesthetics Rhinoplasty Operation

Preparation for rhinoplasty operation is as important as the operation itself. The reason for this is the design of the new shape that the nose will take in Rhinoplasty applications. At this point, it is necessary to obtain an image that is completely compatible with the face and other parts of the face. The steps to be taken during the preparation period are very important for a natural and aesthetic nose.

Before rhinoplasty, smoking should be quit and should not be consumed at least for a while. In addition, the consumption of some drugs can be stopped under the doctor's control. It is necessary to come to the surgical operation without make-up and accessories. Food consumption should be stopped from the time determined by the doctor before the operation.

How Is Nose Aesthetics Rhinoplasty Performed?

Nasal aesthetic applications are mostly performed closed today. Thus, the process can be completed without any cosmetic marks. In nose aesthetics, the cartilage, bone and soft tissue of the nose are reshaped. Techniques may vary depending on the surgical operation to be performed, but numerous applications such as nose tip reduction, shortening, lifting, septum, raising, lowering, adjusting the lip nose angle, removing dislocations on the nasal dorsum, correcting curvatures and correcting the nostrils can be performed. The operation performed under general anesthesia can be terminated within 1-2 hours.

Things to Consider After Rhinoplasty Operation

Edema, redness, bruising and painful complaints may occur on the face after rhinoplasty, but these effects are a natural part of the process and disappear over time. Ice applications can be performed in the first place. Post-rhinoplasty care is very important because it should be considered as a sensitive period in order to avoid any damage to the application. After a few weeks of careful care, daily life can be returned in a controlled manner. Full recovery occurs within 1 month and the clear appearance begins to emerge.






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