Martin Fernsby

Had hair transplant with Gozde hospital. Everything was in order. The hospital and the hotel were way above average. Good value for the price. Recommended.

Payton Carter

Flew from Glasgow to Izmir for the operation. They picked me up from the airport. Immediately headed to the hotel to spend the night and rest before the operation very next morning. When I first stepped in to the hospital, I instantly realised that I made the right choice. The hospital was so perfect that I have never been in a hospital like that before. Had my breast augmentation surgery just a week ago, almost completely healed and my breasts are just amazing. I can't stop looking at them in the mirror. I would like to thank to my coordinator, lovely nurses, and the surgeon. 5 star experience from start to finish

Samuel Blazkowicz

After my terrible experince in Dominican republic, I was bit afraid and reluctant having another surgery abroad. Months of research, planning and long conversations with my surgeon, finally felt confident with Gozde hospitals. My main concern was communication. Due to lack of communcation my nose shape was not like I requested at all. Left with a huge bump at the tip of my nose. Thankfully I was able to have video call consultations on Zoom with my surgeon at Gozde hospital. He eased all the hesitation and I felt like we are on the same page. I only had one chance with this surgery because the secondary surgeries are harder than the first one. It has been just 3 weeks for now but I love the shape of my nose, it is good to be feel confident again after all those years

Niamh Byrne

Having a big family was always my dream and I can say that I fulfilled that dream. But after my 4th child, my body was not representing my age at all. Even though I am in my 40's my tummy and breasts were sagging like I am in my 60's. The frustration was great and I was afraid of mirrors. Never went to swimming with my children. I was insecure about my appearance and decided to change that. Kusadasi is our favourite spot for holiday every year, but this year I contacted Gozde hospitals for my surgery. They even arranged a transfer from Kusadasi to Izmir for my operation. The surgery took around 3 hours but after that everything was perfect. I am not ashamed of wearing dresses or going to the beach with my children anymore. Started enjoying my life again. Thank you for everything! Especially the medical team and my surgeon.

Charles Fletcher

Starting from my 20's, my hair has been receding. Used many products, shampoos, lotions, essential oils but none of them has stopped the receding. I almost gave up and ready to embrace the truth that I am a bald man. One day I stumbled upon Gozde hospital on Whatclinic. I left an inquiry but my expectations were not great at all. I reluctantly reply them, thinking it will not work as well. Then a magical moment happened, I went through their before and after photos, could not believe my eyes. I have arranged my operation for the following week. Now, I am at 4th month. Growing slow but I can see the follicules I have not seen for years. I can't wait to reach the final results!

Angie Snowden

I had my tummy tuck surgery at Gozde Hospital around a month ago. I am completely healed and in perfect shape. I had been working out for months to get rid of my stubborn belly fat with excess skin but no success. I wish I could have contacted them earlier. I had my doubts about travelling Turkey for a surgery, but all my hesitation has gone after contacting Gozde International. The hospital is one of the best I have ever seen. Top notch, state of the art. Highly recommended! Xo

Margaret Jones

Had my face and necklift operation with Gozde International hospitals recently. Everything went smootly. I am still in healing process but I feel a lot better. I enjoying spending time looking myself in the mirrors. It was a bit dissappointing to see yourself aging slowly everyday. I always thought that I will not be able to fight with that. Eventually time will take over everything but I'd say I have my 15 years back.

Wayne Baxter

Great experience from start to finish. Clean and nice hotel, perfect hospital. Actually the best part is the hospital experience. Everyone speaks English, also very close to the city center just in case of anything. Atms, restaurants, pharmacies nearby. My expectations were exceeded. Definetely recommended.

Lorraine Mcbree

I can’t begin to explain how good the whole experience was. The service, communication was excellent. I managed to book my surgery a week after my first call. Just imagine having an operation one week after your first call in UK. Waiting list goes on and on. Everything was planned surprisingly fast. Packed my bags and got here. Picked up from the airport with a VIP car, I felt like I was the queen of England. The hotel was cozy and clean. Room service was excellent. The hospital is the main reason I choose Gozde, and I am glad that I did. Never have I seen such perfect hospital in my life. The staff, equipment, the hospital rooms...Safe to say that those hospital rooms are far better than many 5* hotel rooms. I wish I could have taken few photos to add to my review. I guess it can be fine on their website. My overall experience was defintely perfect, 5-stars, 10 out of 10. I have already recommended this hospital to everyone I know
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