Robotic Cystectomy

Robotic Cystectomy surgery is one of the robotic surgery applications performed when bladder cancer is observed. It is aimed to take the bladder out and create a new bladder from the small intestine when the cancerous tissues appear to spread over the bladder. At this point, the surgical application planned with Robotic Cystectomy can be successfully performed. With Robotic Cystectomy, the bladder can be removed entirely, and the surrounding lymph nodes can be removed. Bladder cancer is one of the cancer diseases whose treatment probability increases with early diagnosis, and it can be controlled and cured with the treatments following surgical operations. At this point, Robotic Cystectomy is frequently used as a surgical application that makes a difference within the framework of modern medical techniques and medical technologies.

What is Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is a cancer disease that occurs due to particular types of cells in the bladder wall showing anomalies. The bladder, which also has the duties of collecting and emptying urine, is positioned as a urine store, and when cancerous tissues appear, it shows various symptoms through these functions. Although it is mostly accepted as a disease of advanced age, bladder cancer diagnosed at an early age has also been seen. With the exchange of information in bladder cancer diagnosis practices, urine tests are performed. Then, imaging methods such as ultrasonography, magnetic resonance, and computed tomography are used, and cancerous tissue is detected. If needed, biopsy or cystoscopy methods can then be used.

Low Side Effect High Success with Da Vinci Robot

Da Vinci Robot is a medical technology used in robotic surgery applications. It consists of the application robot and the operator console on which it is controlled. Equipped with many comprehensive functions, Da Vinci Robot is found in the world's leading hospitals. Our hospital, as one of the rare hospitals with Da Vinci Robot, successfully performs robotic surgery applications. Since the da Vinci Robot is operated on the console, it has a mechanism that the operator can control even while sitting. In this way, the doctor can better focus on surgical intervention with the effects of high concentration, low stress, and low fatigue. At the same time, the Da Vinci Robot is functionally much more capable than humans. It has 4-5 times more rotation capacity than the human wrist in wrist movements and works with high success in narrow areas. It completely removes the handshaking disadvantage. In operations performed with small incisions, low side effects occur, and high success is achieved.

Robotic Cystectomy Operation

In Robotic Cystectomy, the process that starts with small incisions after anesthesia reaches the cancerous tissue point with the control of the Da Vinci Robot. In Robotic Cystectomy, the entire bladder and the abdominal lymph nodes related to this environment are taken out. The surgical operation process is completed by removing the tissues that contain cancerous tissue and constitute risk factors due to cancerous tissue. Applications are also carried out to maintain the function of the bladder removed using intestinal tissue.

Although bladder cancer is a disease mostly seen in men, it can also occur in women. In a Robotic Cystectomy operation performed on women, parts of the uterus, ovaries, and part of the vagina can be removed.

What are the Advantages of Robotic Cystectomy?

One of the most significant advantages of Robotic Cystectomy operation is the healthy continuity of urine control and a healthy return of sexual functions. In both cases, complications may occur in operations performed with traditional methods, and the quality of life of the patient can be significantly reduced. However, Robotic Cystectomy eliminates such side effects thanks to the precise operation performed by the Da Vinci Robot. Simultaneously, since the operation is performed through small incisions, the recovery rate increases, and the operation time decreases. The risk of additional complications is significantly reduced.






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