Robotic Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy is defined as surgery to remove the uterus. According to current medical literature, it can be performed by 3 methods. These ways are the; vaginal method, closed surgical method and open surgical method. Current literature suggests that the primary method of uterine removal is the vaginal method, but unfortunately this method cannot be applied to a large number of patients for various medical reasons. If the vaginal method is not suitable, a closed method should be used. Open surgery method should be the last method to be chosen. However, the most commonly used method in uterine removal surgery, both in our country and around the world, is yet still open surgery. While this information conflicts with the medical literature, it is unfortunately true. The reasons for this are the low number of patients suitable for the vaginal method, and there isn't much that can be done here. The other important reason is that the closed surgical technique, that is, the classic surgical technique, is a complicated technique, which is very difficult to teach and learn, and the technologial limitation used in the classic laparoscopic surgery method. In classic laparoscopic surgery, the image is 2-dimensional, there is no sense of depth, the instruments used can move in 3 planes, so the surgeon has to perform the operation without making a large part of the wrist movements. In addition, surgical sutures are a very challenging step in the classic laproscopic surgical technique. At this point, the robotic surgery system makes it possible to perform hysterectomy surgery without the need for open surgery, thanks to the high quality three-dimensional imaging technology and the characteristics of the robotic surgical instruments used to mimic the surgical operations.





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