Robotic Myomectomy

One of the most common gynecological cases in female patients are uterine tumors, namely fibroids (Myoma), which are usually benign. Today, the most effective treatments are surgical removal. Open and closed surgical methods can be used to remove fibroids. However, current medical literature suggests that this surgery should be performed with a closed method. While fibroids can be removed with the classic laparoscopic method, the most challenging step in this surgery is the step of carefully suturing the uterus to function again (creating the potential for a future pregnancy). The most difficult part of classic laparoscopic surgery is that surgical suture has has to be performed. This step, which is highly dependent on the experience of the surgeon, is greatly facilitated by the robotic surgery system and serves to provide our patients with all the benefits of closed surgery with the use of a robotic surgical system.

In addition, removal of fibroids, which are difficult to remove even with open surgery, and recovery of the uterine tissue, even better than with open surgery, can be performed with a robotic surgical system. In addition to these benefits, it is possible for our patients to take advantage of important benefits such as less postoperative pain, minimal to no infection, reduction of blood loss and an early return to our patients' daily lives.






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