Robotic Pelvic Organ Propalsus Operation

Pelvic organ prolapse; It includes the cases of the uterus, bladder and the last part of the colon, prolapsing along the vaginal canal and even out of the body. At the outset of today's treatments, surgical treatment is particularly emerging as a priority treatment option. Surgery, especially in abdominal surgery, has many features and challenges. As with all gynecological operations, priority should be given to closed surgery in pelvic organ prolapse surgery. At this point, the robotic surgery system expands the possibilities of closed surgery due to its advantages over classic laparoscopic surgery. Particularly thanks to the high-resolution three-dimensional imaging system, anatomical plans can be clearly defined. In addition, the robotic surgery system can be performed more effectively by replacing the hanging organs and surgically suturing the tissues for repair procedures. Even in open surgery, narrow and deep operating areas, which are very difficult to reach, can be reached using the robotic surgical system. In addition to these benefits, it is possible for our patients to take advantage of important benefits such as postoperative pain, infection, reduction of blood loss and early return to our patients' daily lives.






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