Robotic Prostatectomy

Robotic Prostatectomy is a surgical operation performed in the treatment of prostate cancer. However, unlike traditional or laparoscopic operations, Robotic Prostatectomy uses medical technologies that enable successful operations with fewer side-effects. Robotic Prostatectomy surgery is performed with the Da Vinci Robot, located in a limited number of hospitals in the world. The da Vinci Robot is one of the discoveries that has made a difference in modern medical practice. Our hospital is one of the rare hospitals with the Da Vinci Robot, and robotic surgery applications are successfully performed in this context. The Da Vinci Robot, together with the Robotic Prostatectomy operation, provides successful results for patients with prostate cancer, which has been started to be examined within the scope of urology.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer occurs due to the cancerous tissues formed by the accumulation of cells that form anomalies in this region. Prostate cancer, one of the most common cancers in male patients, is successfully cured with early diagnosis. Surgical and non-surgical practices for prostate cancer fight cancerous tissues. Cancerous tissues are removed during the process performed within the scope of surgical applications. Imaging methods and biopsy techniques are used in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Surgical operation is performed with the Da Vinci Robot with meager side effects and a high success rate.

Da Vinci Robot

Da Vinci Robot is a very successful medical technology that performs robotic surgical operations. In operations performed with the Da Vinci Robot, the procedure is completed through tiny incisions. It provides high success with meager side effects compared to traditional methods. The Da Vinci Robot is realized with a robot that the operator doctor manages on the console. Thanks to this device, hand tremors are not a disadvantage, and the function of the robot's wrist movements is 4-5 times a human. Therefore, very effective results are obtained in narrow areas. Moreover, while using the Da Vinci Robot, doctors can easily control the console even while sitting, thus increasing concentration on the operation and reducing fatigue effects.

Robotic Prostatectomy

In Robotic Prostatectomy operation, the application area is generally in the plane of the bladder and prostate, and nerves surround this area. In operation, it is aimed to remove the prostate or remove cancerous tissue without damaging the nerve-vascular bundle. After this process is successfully performed, the bladder is reconnected with the urinary tract, and the operation process is completed. This application, managed by the operator doctor on the console with simple incisions, has a very high success rate. If the entire prostate is not removed, treatment practices within the framework of prostate cancer can be continued. Robotic Prostatectomy is a surgical procedure that shows the most successful results in prostate operations today.

Advantages of Robotic Prostatectomy Operation

Among the advantages of Robotic Prostatectomy operation, less incision, and therefore less blood loss occurs. Thanks to the Da Vinci Robot, fewer incisions are made than traditional methods, and the risk of both infection, edema, and blood loss is reduced. Thanks to Robotic Prostatectomy, patients stay in the hospital for less time, and their general recovery is faster. With the advantages of robotic surgery, it can be said that the operation time is also shorter.

In the process that begins after the Robotic Prostatectomy operation, it is possible to achieve urinary control and return to sexual life faster since patients undergo an application that is simpler than traditional methods. With fewer side effects, patients can recover without additional complications.

Since high performance is shown even in narrow spaces with the Da Vinci Robot, it is possible to protect the anatomical structure and minimize nerve damage thanks to this advantage.






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