Robotic Tubal Reanastomosis

Surgical tying of the tubes emerges as a permanent family planning method. Although women who chose this method were told in detail before this procedure that this is an irreversible method, the number of patients who had their tubes tied and regretted afterwards is significantly high. Change of spouse, loss of children, desire to have a new child, and even religious reasons are the main reasons why women may regret having had this procedure . Although IVF is offered to patients who want fertility, treatment costs, intensive hormonal treatments, intensive treatment and follow-up steps are the disadvantages of this treatment. In addition, even if the IVF method is successful, it only offers a single pregnancy opportunity. Tubal Reanastomosis surgical treatment should be offered as another treatment option for patients who have their tubes tied and who regret this and who have a child desire. The purpose of this surgery is to cut open the connected ends of the tubes and sew the ends to each other meticulously. Although it can be performed with the closed surgical method, for example classical laparoscopic surgery, it is described as a very difficult operation method. Since the tubes are very delicate and delicate organs, they can be reassembled with very delicate and very fine surgical suture materials, which are thin enough to be difficult to see even with the naked eye. At this point in the robotic surgery system, it comes into play in the field of gynecology. The 3D high-resolution imaging system of the robotic surgery system allows the surgeon to fully imitate the movements of the wrist, enable surgery by enlarging the image, and most importantly, preventing even physiological hand tremors, providing a very sensitive and gentle surgery. As a result, the robotic surgery system increases the success rate of the operation to the maximum level in the rejoining of the tubes.






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