I can’t begin to explain how good the whole experience was. The service, communication was excellent. I managed to book my surgery a week after my first call. Just imagine having an operation one week after your first call in UK. Waiting list goes on and on. Everything was planned surprisingly fast.

Packed my bags and got here. Picked up from the airport with a VIP car, I felt like I was the queen of England. The hotel was cozy and clean. Room service was excellent. The hospital is the main reason I choose Gozde, and I am glad that I did. Never have I seen such perfect hospital in my life. The staff, equipment, the hospital rooms…Safe to say that those hospital rooms are far better than many 5* hotel rooms. I wish I could have taken few photos to add to my review. I guess it can be fine on their website.

My overall experience was defintely perfect, 5-stars, 10 out of 10. I have already recommended this hospital to everyone I know

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