Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty is an Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery application used for the improvement of loosening and sagging on the abdominal tissue. Tummy tuck operation is applied especially when the skin in the abdominal tissue creates excess sagging. Tummy tuck surgery, which is applied to both female and male patients, is frequently applied to eliminate sagging in the abdominal area in patients with high weight problems.

Muscle and skin tissues in the abdominal area can be deformed and worn out with the effect of time. It is quite normal for people who do not make regular and balanced nutrition, regular exercise and weight control to have fat in the abdominal area. Because the abdominal area is an area suitable for keeping fat, moreover, tissue deformations develop gradually in this area with the effect of aging, ie time. With the effect of gravity, the size of the sags increases over time and the loosening size progresses with the weight of the fat tissue.

The muscle groups that make up the anterior abdominal wall in the abdominal region may not be able to fulfill their functions of keeping the abdomen straight as a result of the deformation of the tissues between them. Thus, the forward bending and sagging of the abdomen occurs. This situation may develop slowly over time, or it may occur during pregnancy.

What Should Be Considered During The Preparation Period Of The Abdominal Stretching Abdominoplasty Operation?

Tummy tuck application is one of the aesthetic surgery procedures that should not be taken lightly. Therefore, it requires serious preparation. First of all, the problem experienced by the patient should be analyzed in detail. In the light of this analysis, determination of the location of the muscle groups and detailed planning of the procedures to be performed increase the success in the operation process and gain the advantage of the move. For the procedure to be performed under general anesthesia, it is necessary to stop food consumption at the time specified by the doctor the night before. Quitting bad habits, such as smoking, allows a faster recovery rate. It may be decided to stop some medications under the doctor's control before surgery.

How is Abdominal Stretching Abdominoplasty Operation Performed?

Abdominoplasty operations can be performed successfully between 2 hours and 4 hours depending on the patient's current problem. The operation process, which starts under general anesthesia, continues with the incision. The incision is located under the navel, in an area that can be hidden by underwear. It does not create a seriously negative image cosmetically.

There is a situation where abdominal muscles cannot function to a great extent during a full tummy tuck operation. Not only sagging under the belly button, but also loosening and sagging above the belly button. There will be a loosened abdominal tissue in the part extending to the entire abdomen and even the groin. The surgical process starts from the operation points determined during the preparation period. In particular, it is necessary to determine where the muscles are and make moves to strengthen the muscles. It is necessary to reduce excess fat tissue with liposuction or micro-vibrations. The desired abdominal appearance is obtained by removing the excess skin and stretching the skin structure and the surgical process is completed.

What Should Be Considered After Abdominal Stretching Abdominoplasty?

After abdominoplasty, especially if a full tummy tuck is performed, there may be complaints of edema and pain in the relevant area and numbness may be experienced. Hospitalization for one or a few days is required after abdominoplasty. Depending on the recovery rate of the patient, return to daily life can occur between 2 weeks and 1 month, but the abdominal area must be carefully protected. With the completion of 1 month, recovery is provided and a clear image appears.






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